Growth hormone: what it affects and why not only bodybuilders need it


Currently, the network is actively discussing injections of the diabetes drug Ozempic, with the help of which, according to rumors, celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Elon Musk lose weight. However, this is not the first Hollywood cheat to help you stay slim, young and beautiful. Ten years ago, many media outlets wrote that stars like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robbie Williams were injecting growth hormone for this purpose. Preparations based on it have been used by bodybuilders for a long time. We asked an expert whether this method works and whether it is suitable for ordinary people.

Don’t self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific evidence and opinions from respected health experts. But remember: only a doctor can make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

Publications about stars taking injections of growth hormone geriostim aqua 100 UI have been appearing periodically for the last ten years. According to the media, some stars prepare for roles with their help, because it is really difficult to make your body sculpted and your muscles steely in a couple of months when you are over 50. Some scientific studies indicate that growth hormone can literally turn back the biological clock. In addition, there is evidence that it helps reduce fat and build muscle. But let’s understand everything in order.

What is growth hormone and what does it do?

“Growth hormone (or somatotropin) is synthesized by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland and plays a critical role in the processes of growth and development of the body,” explains Marina Aleksandrovna Sviridonova, Ph.D., endocrinologist at the University Clinic H-Clinic. — After 20 years, the level of growth hormone begins to decrease, but it does not stop participating in metabolic processes in the muscular and osteoarticular systems. Growth hormone has anabolic and lipolytic effects (that is, it promotes muscle growth and the breakdown of fat), supports the functioning of the immune system, and also takes part in carbohydrate metabolism.”

Depending on age, the amount of somatotropin in the body changes: while the body is growing, this hormone is produced especially actively and reaches a peak in adolescence, and after 30 years it gradually decreases. At the same time, it remains very important and necessary for life. Our well-being, immunity and fat percentage depend on it. So the idea of getting it from the outside seems quite logical.

When can a doctor prescribe growth hormone injections?

Growth hormone-based drugs are registered and can actually be prescribed by a doctor. But in very rare cases! “First of all, somatropin is prescribed for its deficiency in children and adolescents,” continues Marina Aleksandrovna Sviridonova. “This treatment continues until the period of growth and maturation of the musculoskeletal system is completed.”

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